Tuesday, September 10, 1776

The morning was very silent and it was very hard to wake up. i groggily got off the floor, and got ready for the harsh day ahead. My breakfast is barely considered breakfast. I was going to go to the water pump, but before i could go the mistress told me to hurry back for a surprise. I hurried back as fast as i could, but i was disappointed when the surprise was more chores. For the rest of the day, i glumly walked around the house doing the chores and keeping away from the mistress.

Wednesday, September 11, 1776

I miss Ruth so much, without her I feel so empty and lifeless. The only thing that keeps me going is the hatred against slavery and the hope that somehow someday I will see my Ruth again. it seems that the British have given up, or biding their time as the patriots think. New York is a key city to whoever owns it. With many loyalists in New York the British will try to take it over to find good welcoming from the loyalist. The chores go on and on and I fear that mistress will finally strike down on me. The mistresses’ aunt in-law is the only thing that is protecting me from her beatings. My sleep was restless as i lay on the floor thinking about being free.

Thursday, September 12, 1776
The mistress is beating down on me (not actual beating, amazingly for how much she hates me) ever since Mr. Lockton ran away. I hope for his arrival even more by every passing day.  The chores are as laboring as always, but a few added chores here and there to make my life harder. The only comfort is when I get to go to the watering pump. I learn something every day. Once I heard the hundreds of slaves had run away from their homes to a British stronghold because of a promise of freedom from the British.My hair has not been combed in such a long time i can't even remember when it was. My blanket was the only thing protecting me from the winter to come and the fear of frostbite heightened every passing day.

Friday, September 13, 1776
The cold winter was about to start and the mistress made me get the firewood,go to the market to stock up on food,and get clean up the house in all record time. She was ready for the British to come and when they did she wanted to have a great party for their arrival.(this would be after the war had ended so don’t get this confused with when they first arrive.)Mistress wanted a big meal and becky took a long time to make it .Mistress was in a bad mood,so. I stayed out of her way throughout the day without complaining about the excessive amount of chores. I ate my food slowly at dinner (meager amount trying to conserve) then I went to my bed (one blanket and a hard floor) and fell straight to sleep.

Saturday, September 14, 1776
The battle of Brooklyn was terrible for the American soldiers. They were thrashed by the British. Most of the men on the American side in that battle were either killed or captured. Since I was still undecided I could not decide to be happy or sad about this news. Our madam was very happy though and she trounced around in the parlor talking nonsense about the British liberating us from a horrible disaster. Then during my dinner meal Becky started talking about the maggots in the hospitals after the sickness spread .I could never finish the dry apple after that.

Sunday, September 15, 1776
The worst and best day of my new life was about to begin. Becky had the day off since it was Sabbath. During our church service the invasion of New York began. Cannons roared throughout midday. We were sent home early. That evil madam made me go out t fetch some items during the middle of the battle. I was mad as a bull but scared out of my wits. I devised a plan to meet the British, the affair went terribly and I became mad at both sides of the war. By now, Lockton had returned, actually he returned right in the middle of the affair with the British, bought the items and returned to the house glumly.

Monday, September 16, 1776

The British have taken over and we have had to share our house with many soliders. There are many more mouths to feed,but the wives of the soliders have been great help. I only have to do a few things here and there. I have gotten really far in my book. With Mr. Lockton busy with playing cards with the soliders, mistress making sure the wives doing there work right. I had the chance to just sit in the seat and secretly read the book. Mr. Paine stated his views very well and it was hard to disagree with him.