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The book Chains is a heart warming book about determination. The two main characters Isabel and Ruth are slaves since they're birth. They're mother died when Isabel was 8. Then when isabel was 12 their owner died. In the will the girls were supposed to be set free, but the relative of the owner sold them fast enough so this could not be proven. They were sold to two loyalists to the British. The revolutionary war is happening right in the middle of this story. Isabel is caught in many adventures as both sides hurt her. In the end something happens that changes her way of life. Find out when you read the book.

This book was written by Laurie Halse Anderson and has won the Scott O' Dell award and a national book award finalist. This book is a great book with readers that want to kick back and have some adventures while learning about history.

About Title

Title report
The laboring of slavery goes back hundreds of years before this story. This story is one of many of the horrible stories of slavery. The main character in this story is Isabel and her sister Ruth. Their mother died a few years before this story. The owner of them just passed away when this story starts. The will states that they would be set free after the owner died, but the lawyer in boston would be too late to get there so the relative takes them away. . In the end they are traded to a mistress. Ruth is sent to South Carolina shortly and they are separated. In the end there is a twist in the story that you will have to read to find out.
This story is going on during the revolutionary war. The revolutionary war was a hard decision for slaves. Both sides promised freedom but as we know now neither gave it. Until later they were finally given they’re freedom. The book title fits well with the story since the girl has been passed on owner to owner and has never been free even though she should be. Also, not just her, but many slaves were being passed on like that in the late seventeen hundreds. This shows many reasons why I don’t want to make another book title because I think this one fits well.